About Me


Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Angela Letelier and I am the founder and owner of Hola Spanish. I am originally from Chile, and it was there where I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from the Universidad Católica del Maule in 2005.

I have been teaching for about fifteen years, eleven of which have been in the United States in private and public education as a Kindergarten homeroom Spanish teacher mostly in the state of Massachusetts.

I currently live in New Hampshire, and I run my program from home. Besides being a teacher I am also a farmer and I love bringing my experiences and animals into the online classroom! When time allows I enjoy creating Spanish lessons for my Youtube channel @Ukelecanta

My approach to teaching is joyful and dynamic. It includes a lot of music and movement, hands on experiences and interactive, real-life activities that make learning fun!

As an online school that reaches children with different levels of Spanish, most of my classes are taught 80%+ in Spanish so that children and parents can dive with ease into the new language. I also offer full immersion classes for children with previous exposure to the language who want to continue learning and improving, or for any children who just want to dive into the full immersion experience.

Hola Spanish was founded in mid 2020, and it has been wonderful to be able to bring Spanish to families all around the United States!