Ongoing Classes

Hola Spanish - Ongoing Classes

Ongoing classes take place at the same time every week throughout the semester and are offered at times convenient for both homeschooling families. Your child can join for as many as they want, based on their availability and interests. The classes are designed to give your child exposure to common Spanish words and phrases in a fun and interesting way! Each class will introduce new vocabulary, but because the classes do not build on each other, missing one or two is not a problem! Frequent exposure will provide the best results, so attending classes in consecutive weeks is recommended.

Classes are held virtually on Zoom and class size is limited to 8 cameras or 12 total students.


Classes are $15 each, and students can join any ongoing class at any time.


Sign up for 12 ongoing classes, and get one free. Sign up for 24 classes and get two for free!

If two siblings attend the same class, the second sibling pays only $10.

If a friend of an existing student signs up for 10 or more classes, the existing student gets one class free!

*Note: Discounts cannot be combined.

“Canta y crea” Music & Crafts class

Tuesdays at 11 AM EAST - January 4 to March 22
This class is targeted to younger children ages 4 to 6 years old.

This fun ongoing class will introduce your children to simple and short Spanish songs through storytelling, puppets, music and playdough art.

In each class your child will be introduced to a new song, color/draw a vocabulary card of it, and then represent the song characters with playdough.

This is an upbeat musical class, so we will be singing and dancing to the sound of my ukulele, not only the main song of the day but other ones. *Most of these songs are part of my Youtube channel “Ukelecanta” After the class your child will be able to keep practicing the songs from home.

Why Playdough?

Playdough is an excellent sensorial medium for your children to exercise fine motor skills. It encourages creativity and provides a calming activity for them.

Materials needed for all the classes:

  • Playdough in different colors (the more colors the best so we can practice them in Spanish)

  • Playdough tools

  • Crayons

  • A percussion instrument (only one per class) such as maracas, tambourin, etc.

  • A light scarf for dancing

  • A printed vocabulary card that will be sent home the day before class to families who have signed up

If another material is needed I will make sure I let you know in advance.

**I highly suggest having a box/bin with all the materials needed for this class so children know where to find what they need.**

“Cuentos con imaginación” Read alouds & creative crafts

Thursdays at 11 AM EAST - January 6 to March 24
This class is targeted to children ages 5 to 8 years old.

In this sensorial ongoing class your child will listen to a Spanish read aloud and then make a project based on the story. Project will be a mix of edible crafts and regular paper crafts.

Storytime offers a great opportunity for your child to be exposed to a wider range of vocabulary while developing better comprehension of Spanish through listening.

Making art projects, edibles or not, make your child’s experience more active and hands-on, while experimenting with shapes, colors, textures and flavors. Each class includes a greeting and goodbye song, plus active musical wiggling time throughout the session.

Why edible crafts?

Children love cooking and being hands-on on food. This is a great way to introduce your child to different foods, while encouraging life skills and creativity. Also given the time of the day we meet, this edible craft can easily be your child’s snack or lunch!

Which ingredients should I use?

I make a suggested list of ingredients but it is your call to use them or bring new ones to the class. The sky's the limit with these edible crafts.

Which utensils do I need for the edible craft sessions?

You will always need a flat plate/tray to set up the craft.

Spoons, a knife, a cutting table, and a dish towel.

The materials will mostly depend on the type of foods your child will be using for the craft.

*Can my child participate in the edible craft days, but use other craft materials rather than food?

Sure he or she can, but I might not be able to guide the project as I will not be making a paper craft that day. If you think that your child is very independent and can make the craft by him or herself during the class, then there is no problem with your child participating.

Custom Classes

Any of these ongoing classes can be run on demand as a private, semi-private or group class! Maybe your child couldn't attend one of the past classes, you want to schedule one for a special occasion, or maybe your child had so much fun they want to repeat a class - no problem! Please send an email via the Contact page to set something up.